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July 08, 2019 Hydration

As discussed before, I just don't drink water. I have gotten past it making me feel a little disgusted, and now don't really mind - just don't think about it.

We need to think about it. I was beginning to run high blood pressure, with no particular reason I could think of.

I don't like taking meds unless they are really needed (I am trying to see if I should talk to my doctor about dropping one of the two meds I do take - both are very mild, but why take them if they aren't necessary?

So, I was a tiny bit woozy one morning, and I know from experience that is a sign of dehydration - that made me think, maybe the high blood pressure?

A couple of large glasses of water, and a few hours later - blood pressure was fine!

I decided to research it - sure enough, dehydration may lead to the "silent killer", high blood pressure!

Be warned! I can tell when my blood pressure is questionable by the ringing in my ears, so I always catch it - most people don't have that advantage, and it can sneak up on you - and from what I hear, strokes are not fun.

July 07, 2019 Plant

Supposedly the plant puts out 5-6 flowers a season, all at night. Last year, it had 30 flowers.

A gardener suggested it had "too much sun", so we moved it to a slightly more sheltered area. It seems to like that, already three flowers, one that lasted until almost 10AM.

Now, I counted 19 buds, and I suspect there are more - and the blooming season is just starting! If that is any indication, we may have 40-50 blooms this year, and hopefully more that last until the light is okay for photos.

And, the aroma is still really nice. I may move it indoors to perfume the house.

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